One of my favorite family pics of almost all of us a few years ago!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Snapshot of My Life in Words... I Challenge You to Create Your Own Life Snapshot

NOTE:  I found this on my computer.  I’m guessing I did this about 5 years ago, but not much has changed.  I must have been on vacation when I did this because I never get to read or shop aimlessly unless I’m away from home.

I challenge you to take five minutes and list everything you can remember doing in the past 5 days - big and mundane.  It is an interesting snapshot of our lives.  I want to see what others do with their days.  Post it as a comment here.

A Snapshot Of My Life In Word
What I have done in the past 5 days 
(that I can list in five minutes):

  • Changed a really disgusting diaper on the couch
  • Condensed our life story of adoption and fostering into a single page
  • Learned to use Microsoft Publisher
  • Collected and read all of the important things I had written over the years
  • Re-read a letter to my children written in 2000
  • Learned to burn a CD
  • Organized and arranged furniture
  • Watched the last half of “You’ve Got Mail”
  • Played with a 7 month old baby – talking in a baby voice
  • Picked up a high school student
  • Observed 12 Auburn students in their first professional architecture class
  • Put on make-up
  • Unstopped a clogged toilet
  • Unstopped a clogged sink
  • Wiped the water off a shower door
  • Answered thousands of questions
  • Signed a check
  • Tried to catch a renegade rat
  • Yelled at fighting children
  • Had at least one nightmare
  • Learned that vasoline and socks make soft skin
  • Tried a new recipe and only cooked it for myself
  • Watched the dryer repair man take apart the dryer drum and asked him questions
  • Watched someone repair the bricks around a window
  • Painted new drywall
  • Bought fake flowers and a cleaning solution
  • Watched small birds eating off the floor in a restaurant
  • Read Mere Christianity
  • Listened to the first 8 books of the New Testament straight through as a story
  • Read Red Badge of Courage
  • Read and learned the dialect, then read  Uncle Remus stories to my kids
  • Cooked Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast for as many as 20 and as few as one
  • Ate at a fast food restaurant
  • Went through a drive through of a fast food restaurant
  • Tried to learn the chemical abbreviation for cestium
  • Argued with a 10-year-old
  • Shopped at a thrift store for nothing in particular
  • Shopped at an antique store for nothing in particular
  • Taught 15 high school students American History through Literature
  • Talked on the phone
  • Used a shredder
  • Tried to get rid of a virus on my computer
  • Helped block a Duo Interpretation, including sign language with 2 thirteen-year-olds
  • Showed a child how to read a word problem
  • Went to the beach and studied a hammerhead shark
  • Spent an hour on the phone (while driving) with my sister talking about life
  • Went to Sax Fifth Avenue for the first time to see what was there
  • Talked to a stranger about life (he ran a small grocery) for almost an hour between customers


  1. Hello. I've just found your blog and I look forward to reading and learning more. I'm a mom to 11 kids...8 by adoption. Also Nana to 9.

    It has been an interesting week over our way....5 mins huh?! Ok, here goes.

    Took our 2 newest sons to their therapist.
    Cleaned up my youngest son's bloody eye.
    Took same son to the optometrist.
    Told to take him to ER.
    Drove him 60 miles to have emergency surgery.
    Prayed LOTS
    Slept 2 nights in a hospital room.
    Ate hospital food for 3 meals.
    Slept in my clothes for 2 nights in a row.
    Ate at Subway twice in one day.
    Had a heart to heart talk with another son.
    Had another heart to heart with a daughter.
    Talk to Pastor.
    Ate almonds.
    Took my son for follow up after surgery.
    Added eye drops to my son's injured eye several times a day.
    Had a panic attack.
    Wrote a blog post.
    Visited with my MIL and BIL.
    Vistied with my Mom, sister, brother.
    Had dinner with my Goddaughter.
    Went to a homeschool book store.
    Bought way too many books.
    Took several pictures.
    Cooked several meals.
    Watched one granddaughter's final soccer game.
    Watched the yougnest grandson's final soccer game of the season.
    Corrected lots of math.
    Homeschooled the kids.
    Looked up recipes for some squash I've never eaten before.
    Watched the 2nd presidential debate.
    Watched a lot of Looney Toons at the hospital.

    I think that's it for 5 mins. I'm sure there is more LOL

    Glad to meet you and God's blessings.

    1. I haven't been online in weeks. Life is far too busy. I just saw and laughed at your post. I sooo get it!!


  2. Oh my! So many kids! I cannot believe you never hired a nanny at least once! Ha ha ha... or maybe a leash! God bless you for your wonderful work!

  3. I did do that. But I only had 3 children and a full-time law practice at that time! It was the 90's and the fax machine and voice mail changed the work place. I moved my primary office to my basement and had my nanny and kids upstairs!

    The leash.... hmmmm ... that might work!!