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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thoughts Of A Modern Christian: What Would I See and Hear if Jesus Was Walking the Streets Performing Miracles Today?

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Purely Hypothetical Thoughts of a Modern Christian
Anna Giattina Lee

I’ve been reading Luke as a book and I was astonished at one miracle after another.  I began to ponder and my mind began to wander:  If Jesus were walking the earth today performing miracles and interacting with us, how and what would I hear about it?

Godlytube video:
 Repent & Be Saved: Savior Caught On Tape Performing Miracles In Times Square
 ISO Personal Assistants: Self-Proclaimed Savior ISO 12 trustworthy sinners to follow him.  Must be willing to leave all your possessions behind, willing and able to learn at the feet of a master, follow instructions, seek to understand parables, serve thousands, write well, stay awake, pray and fast. Not a paid position. Unique Benefit Package.  Send Inquiry to”

Major City News:
Thousands Break Out in Spontaneous Peaceful Worship of Self-Proclaimed Savior in Times Square While Police Watch: ACLU Files Lawsuit Claiming Violation of Separation of Church and State

Caption under Utube video:
 Unfreakinbelievable!  No wonder Christians get a bad rap.  They don’t like competition. A harmless man was caught on camera being harassed by church security and ordered to leave as people are drawn inside the church to hear him speak and heal the hurting. You gotta see this to believe it.

Christianity This Week:
Has Savior Finally Arrived?
Multiple Witnesses Confirm Demon-Possessed Homeless Man
 Begged Man Not to Torture Him.  Miracle Man Successfully
 Commands Evil Spirits to Go Into A Herd of Pigs”

SelfieBook Post:
Imagine a picture of a young guy holding a picture of a bearded thirtysomething man in one hand. In the other hand is a handwritten sign that says:
If I Get a Million Likes Then This Guy Says I Go To Heaven!!

Big City Times:
Man Claiming to be Savior Admitted to Mental Hospital After 
Arrest in Times Square for Swindling Innocent Victims

Journal of Medicine: 
Medically Unexplainable Miracle: Quadriplegic Since Birth,
Young Man Walks after Man Claiming Power to Heal Visits  Hospital

Eat Network:
Network Launching New Series:
Feeding a Crowd on a Budget
The premiere features a thrifty Jesus and his disciples managing to  feed 5000 with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Learn from their tips and tricks for getting the most out of what you have.

Jewish Weekly:
Faith Heals: Dead Girl Returns to Life After 
Rabbi Pleads with Man Called Jesus to Save His Dying Daughter

Associated People:
Congress Debates Bill to Ban Ministry in Public Places

WOLF News:
Self-Proclaimed Savior Attracting Millions of Dedicated Followers:
Many Concerned About Dangers of this New Cult

Just saw this dude in Times Square heal a crippled homeless man I been knowin for years.  Thinkin he is the real deal. #JesusFreak

Angry Crowds Riot After Jesus Nominated for Nobel Peace Price

LGBT News:
Is The Miracle Man For Real?
Man Claiming to be Son of God Expresses Unconditional Love and Kindness to Lesbian Woman Sitting at His Feet During LGBT Convention.

Spiritual Healer Finds Favor & Following Among Broken, Lost & Lonely”

Googlie News:
 Jesus’ Facebook Friends Express Doubt About His Authenticity 
when Jesus Publicly Extends Love and Forgiveness to Prostitute.” Like  Comment

Discover It Channel:
Scientists search for the source of the evolving power of the human body to emit healing energy. Join us as we explore this power and it’s usefulness to man.