One of my favorite family pics of almost all of us a few years ago!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Meet Your Hero.

Don’t meet your Hero!
By Anna Lee

Don’t meet your hero.
Unless you want to be disappointed. 
Unless you want to recognize that your hero is human.
And sinful.
And flawed.

Don’t meet your hero.
Unless you are prepared to see the truth.
Unless you want to feel hopeless.
And lost.
And deceived.

Don’t meet your human hero. 
Who was never meant to replace
The one and only true hero.
The one Savior.

The one who does not leave us.
Or forsake us.
The one that was fully human
And is fully God.
The one that is not and never was a sinner
But who gave his life for our sins.

Don’t meet your human hero.
Don’t expect a hero to meet your needs.
Don’t rely on a physical being to rescue you.
Don’t seek truth where it cannot be found. 

Look up.
Look down.
Look around.
He is there.  Waiting.  Patiently.
Ready for a relationship.
Ready to meet you where you are.
Ready to gently guide to where He wants you to be.

You will not find your hero in your mom or your dad.
You will not find your hero in a spouse or a lover.
In a pastor or a mentor.
Or any man.
Or any woman.

Don’t meet your hero. 
Meet your Savior.

Meet the one who loves unconditionally.

Meet the one who restores.
Meet the one who is ready to redeem.
The one that will not deceive.
Or leave you.

And only there.
Will you find what your heart is looking for. 
Only there.
With your Savior.